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Anette Bargel.  Foto: Fotograf Peter Muld.

Guide Services

A guide for a bus trip, boat tour, by foot, in kayaks or by bike – the choice is yours. City walks or nature hikes, we are keen on both. The guide is knowledgeable in culture, nature, nowadays and history – the mix and quantity is by the guests wishes. The Bohuslän characteristics such as the granite, the sea, herring & canning, stone masons and tourism are of course included in the subjects. Welcome to Bohuslän and Westsweden!



We help travel agencies and ship agencies create exciting itineraries and programs for Bohuslän, Dalsland and Göteborg/Gothenburg. We know the gems and we collaborate with the best tour and adventure companies, hotels and restaurants … those who deliver service with a smile and chat with their guests.

We also help agencies review their time estimates. Are you missing a gem for your programme, or need a convenient break spot along the bus transfer? We have the local knowledge, we know if there’s room for the bus and the actual time needed on the roads (and waters). We are your eyes and local expert on the ground – welcome to hire us.


Tailor-made programs

We are happy to create a program for your Westsweden and Bohuslän visit. Whether you visit with a group, yourself or arrange a cruise line call. Choosing the best Westsweden gems for your guests and creating an enjoyable program is what we love to do.
Salta Guiden tailor-makes experiences and programs for companies and non-profit associations to your wishes, with a price of good value.


Tour guide

Tour guide for bus tours and flight destinations.

Destinations that work on short notice; Sweden, Norway, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands as well as California, Florida, north Sweden and Norway (i.e. Kiruna, Jokkmokk, Lofoten, Tromsö, Kirkenes, Bergen, Stavanger).

Get in touch

We are happy to produce a program suiting your wishes. What is your wish list? An 1 hour city walk, a day programe with exiting stops, or a multiple day programme visiting several towns and hamlets, or do you prefer a specialised programme towards food, for an active family, bike riders or a cultural couple, to name a few? Get in touch and we will create a programme according to your wishes.

Custom made trips, FAM, photos and more

With deep knowledge of both Bohuslän and Westsweden, and being passionate about these destinations, we offer tailor made experiences for our guests and clients. We also welcome FAM visits from our collaborators.

We have a photo library of our own – the web site content shows some examples. The library contains both Swedish and Norwegian destinations. We also have access to publicity photos of both Westsweden and Sweden.

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